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Custom Made Patterns

Let us create a unique cross stitch pattern for you! We will turn any picture into a cross stitch pattern with the same high quality and super-fine details found in all our patterns! Any type of picture will do! Photos, drawings, pictures from the Internet etc.

You can send us the picture using snail-mail or e-mail. We will create a pattern from the picture any way you like. The pattern will be delivered using fast e-mail or in printed format using snail mail.

What we can do

We will use the same technique when creating your pattern as we do when creating our stock patterns. That includes color reduction, usage of blended colors etc. The image can be altered anyway you like before we make it into a pattern. We can retouch the picture and/or only use a selection from the photo and also add special effects. Text can be added to the design. The letters in the text are made up of ordinary cross stitches just like the rest of the pattern (...and never any fractional or backstitches).

How does it all work

- These are the typical steps when we create a Custom pattern:

- You send us a picture.

 - If you want you can select: Size of the finished pattern, maximum number of DMC colors that should be used, any retouching/cropping of the picture we should do, special effects to add and any text to add. Or you can leave that to us and we will give you a suggestion.

 - We send you a picture of a suggested pattern including information of sizes and color usage etc. and the total cost.

 - If you want to change anything, we send you a new suggestion etc.

 - When you are satisfied with the result you pay us via our ordinary channels.

 - You receive the finished pattern.

We will of course return any photo free of charge even if you decide not to go ahead with the order.


1. Stitch count
Select the stitch count of the pattern that we should create. The larger the stitch count, the more detailed result. The stitch count also establishes the base price of the pattern:
 100 US$94.99
 200 US$99.99
 300 US$109.99
 400 US$114.99
 500 US$124.99
 700 US$134.99
 900 US$154.99
2. Color count
Select the maximum number of colors in the pattern. The larger the count the more detailed result. However there is always a maximum number that depends on the complexity of the picture which means that we will always try to keep the color count as low as possible without quality loss. Additional cost:
 30 US$0
 60 US$25
 100 US$35
 140 US$40
3. Retouching
The picture can be retouched any way you like before the pattern is created. Backgrounds can be erased, picture can be made brighter, contrast changed, red-eye compensation etc. We can even combine two or more photos or part of photos into one pattern... Additional cost: *these may be combined:
 Erase background etc. US$60
 Combine several pictures US$75
4. Effects
Effects can be added. Here we can do almost anything you like with the picture before turning it into a pattern. For instance: Sepia colorization, black and white (with shades of gray), fade effects, artistic effects such as Dry Brush, Palette Knife, Pencil and so on. Additional cost: *these may be combined:
 Sepia, b/w etc. US$25
 Artistic effects US$35
5. Text
Any text can be inserted into the pattern. There are many, many type faces to chose from and we can make suggestions for you to chose from. A shadow can be added behind the text to make it look like it is "floating" or it can be "carved" into the picture etc... Additional cost:
 Simple US$25
 Shadowed, carved etc. US$35
6. Photo
Send the photo/drawing etc. to us using e-mail or snail mail. The snail mail photo will be manually scanned for you and of course returned. Additional cost:
 Via email US$0
 Via snail mail US$30
7. Delivery
The created pattern can be sent to you via email or snail mail. Additional cost:
 Via email US$0
 Via snail mail US$10 + postage


Send an email to with the picture attached and any special requests listed.

If you are unsure about the options above, just leave it to us and we will make sure you will be satisfied with the result. We have made hundreds of Custom patterns during the years!

We will then get back to you with further instructions on how to send us the photo and any other information you would like to have.

Remember - you will not pay us anything until you are fully satisfied with the result!