Copyright and Licensing

All our patterns sold from 2014 and forward are personally licensed to the customer.

This is so You know that Your copy is a legal one and Your project is legal. This give you a guarantee that we will help you out with any problem and answer any questions you might have. We will also guarantee that you can get a new copy of the correct version should you lose it somehow.

If it is not licensed by us and retrived after 2014 it is a bad copy without guarantee and in many cases bad faults in it. We have seen many samples of this where the pattern can not be used half way through the project becuase of attempts to crack the copy protection. We feel very sorry for those stitchers and it gives Golden Kite a bad name.


- At the top of each pattern page is the name and address of the licensee who may use the pattern.

- The pattern may not be traded, sold or handled in any way that breaks the international copyright laws.

- If you are using a non licensed pattern from 2014 or later, or a pattern licensed with someone else’s name you should contact us in order to make your project legal.


We work together with international copyright agencies to prevent illegal patterns and to get compensated for copyright infringements. It is very clearly stated on the front page of Golden Kite patterns that they are copyright protected and what the fines are for violation.

If you find any place where illegal patterns are available i any form, please help us by contacting the site owner and tell them that they are hosting criminal activity.

Legal sites

The only sites selling legal Golden Kite products are this site ( and in our Etsy store here. Any other places are illegal.

Thank you for helping the cross stitching hobby free from criminal activity and for helping us stay in business and Happy Stitching!

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