Patterns and Kits

Patterns and Kits
All our cross stitch patterns. Printed patterns and kits with floss and fabric are also available for every pattern.
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  1. Messenger of love (small)
    Special Price $23.19 Regular Price $28.99
  2. Trois Amis
    Special Price $32.79 Regular Price $40.99
  3. Her Best Friend (small)
    Special Price $25.49 Regular Price $29.99
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  1. Patterns and Kits

    2021-06-10 04:33:26

    Hi!Are you sale patterns only in PDF or can convert in format for Cross Stitch Saga?

    2 people had same question.
    1 answer
    1. 2021-06-21 10:28:28

      Hello! We have patterns in pdf version and they can be used in the Pattern Keeper app. Happy Stitching!

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  2. Patterns and Kits

    2021-08-01 07:02:55

    Я хочу купить набор. Возможна ли к нему электронная схема в формате хsd?

    I want to buy a set. Is it possible to have an electronic circuit in the xsd format?

    1 people had same question.
    1 answer
    1. 2021-08-09 06:06:24

      We do not sell in xsd format due to copyright reasons. However our pdf versions support the great Pattern Keeper app.

      Мы не продаем в формате xsd по причинам авторского права. Однако наши версии в формате pdf поддерживают отличное приложение Pattern Keeper.

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  3. Patterns and Kits

    2021-12-01 04:15:36

    I have three old patterns, they say I need a code to open? How do I find out what that is?

    1 answer
    1. 2021-12-01 07:44:34

      Hi, Send us an email to and we will fix it. Happy Stitching!

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  4. Patterns and Kits

    2021-07-25 19:50:33

    What do you mean by small, medium and large?

    1 answer
    1. 2021-07-26 19:11:56

      The sizes you mention determines number of stitches in the picture.
      The more stitches, the more details, but also the larger stitched piece.
      For instance look at these two:
      The first one is 600 x 719 stitches as you can see in the table on that page and you can also see how large it is
      when stitched depending on which fabric stitch count (stitches per inch fabric) you will work on.
      The second one is 150 x 179 stitches, so it is much smaller.
      The pattern pictures you see on the pages show exactly how the finished piece will look like, so you can compare
      the pictures to determine what level of details you want with respect to the size of the finished work.

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  5. Patterns and Kits

    2021-08-03 05:54:04

    I purchased 6 pdf patterns in about 2007 or perhaps before. I wish to now use pattern keeper. It says that I need password protected versions. Are you able to supply these?
    Thank you
    Pam Matthews

    1 answer
    1. 2021-08-09 06:12:22

      Hi Pam,

      Yes we can upgrade your pdf patterns to a new version that support Pattern Keeper.
      Just send us an email to and we will process it.

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  6. Patterns and Kits

    2021-08-04 09:03:19

    Using solid pattern and blended pattern,which finished piece is more beautiful or more detail?

    1 answer
    1. 2021-08-09 06:14:45

      The blended ones have more details and more shades. The the difference between solid and blended versions are always vivible for you in the pattern images on this site. Some patterns there are big difference but some are almost not noticible.
      If you wonder about a specific pattern, just email us at and we can show larger images.

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  7. Patterns and Kits

    2021-09-05 21:24:05

    Нити каких производителей входят в наборы?

    Which manufacturers' threads are included in the kits?

    1 answer
    1. 2021-09-09 09:29:56

      Все комплекты идут с резьбой DMC.

      All out kits come with DMC thread.

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  8. Patterns and Kits

    2021-09-14 08:09:46

    Я купила схему в pdf"Sweet dreams"Postiglione Luca,мой индивидуальный заказ в 2015году,можно мне получить в pattern keeper или xsd

    I bought the scheme in pdf "Sweet dreams" Postiglione Luca, my individual order in 2015, you can get it in the pattern keeper or xsd

    1 answer
    1. 2021-09-15 06:59:49

      Yes if you send us an email to we can upgrade your pattern to work with Pattern Keeper.

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