- To what countries does Golden Kite deliver?

Yes, we deliver pdf patterns, printed patterns and kits to all countries in the world.

- Do the patterns work with the Pattern Keeper app?

- Yes our pdf pattern works very good together with Pattern Keeper.

- What products versions are available?

There are three product versions available: PDF-patterns sent via email, Printed patterns sent via regular mail and Kits that contain printed pattern, fabric (Aida 18ct) and all threads required. All comes with symbol chart, thread usage tables and instructions. Read more here.

- Can I pay in my own currency?

We support payment in US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Brittish Pound, Canadian Dollars, Euro, Japanese Yen, Ukrainian hryvnia and Russian Ruble. You select currency in top right corner of each page.

- How can I pay?

We use the international PayPal services for secure payments and very high customer protection policies. If you have problems making a payment in the store, just conract us at info@goldenkite.com and we can send you an invoice instead.

- What discounts are available?

Besides the weekly sales, there is an additional 30% discount when ordering three or more pdf or printed patterns at the same time. This discount is calculated and displayed when you check out your shopping cart.

- What is the difference between Blended and Solid patterns?

Blended patterns conatain stitches where you use two different floss colors in the needle at the same time. This gives blending with more details and shades. Solid patterns use the pure DMC colors. Read more here.

- What fabric types and stitch counts can be used?

Our patterns can be worked on any type of fabric and in any stitch count. Included in the patterns are tables with required fabric size and thread amount required for stitch counts 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30 and 32 stitches per inch. The Kits are delivered with Aida 18ct fabric, but could on request be changed to some other type.

- Do you really guarantee that the stitches result will look as good as the pattern images in the store?

Yes we do. You can take a look at some finished pieces in our gallery here and in our media area here.

- What happens if I lose my pdf pattern or lose my printed pattern pages?

In that case you just contact us at info@goldenkite.com and we will send you a new copy.

- I have problems logging in. What can I do?

Contact us at info@goldenkite.com and we will help you fix the problems .

- Do you have sales and discounts?

We have weekly patterns sale here. Also if you buy three or more pdf or printed patterns in the same order you get an additional 30% discount on the whole order.

- How long does it take before I receive my order?

Pdf pattern orders are sent to your email within 48 hours. Usually much quicker than that. Printed pattern and kits are sent via regular post and the delivery time depends on where in the world you are located. Usually between 3 and 10 working days.

- My question is not listed here. What can I do?

Contact us at info@goldenkite.com in any matter and we answer you quickly and help out with you questions or any concerns. We read and write in all languages.

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